ELISPOT Plate Readers

ImmunoSpot® Analyzers constitute CTL’s classic line of laboratory plate readers. Each Analyzer is designed for scanning and evaluating a wide range of microtiter plate-based bioassays—in particular, ELISPOT assays. ImmunoSpot® Analyzers are available in a variety of models, each one designed to make assay analysis faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before.

All CTL ImmunoSpot® Analyzers offer:

  • Uncompromised quality of analyzer components
  • Precise, fast, user-friendly scanning
  • Objective, reproducible counting results
  • GLP capabilities
  • Exceptional support and service

Learn why over 800 institutes worldwide have chosen CTL for their ELISPOT analysis needs.


ImmunoSpot® Instrumentation

CTL-ImmunoSpot® S6 FluoroSpot Line

CTL's cutting-edge instrument line for both visible light and ultraviolet-enabled work. The S6 FluoroSpot Analyzer Line is CTL’s most advanced model series, being designed to support both visible light assays (e.g. ELISPOT, colony counting) and fluorescence-based FluoroSpot assays. These analyzers are also well-suited for cell viability tests, apoptosis tests and in vivo/in vitro cytotoxicity measurements using cells labeled with fluorescent dyes. Its mechanical design allows users to readily switch back and forth between the visible light and fluorescent modes, and its automated filter changer allows up to 8 wavelengths of fluorescent analysis. It's high-magnification lens allows the user to view a wide range of plate types, zooming in for further detail as needed. It also provides exceptional speed for rare event, single-cell analysis applications — generating results up to 120 times faster than flow cytometry.

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CTL-ImmunoSpot® S6 Micro Analyzer

CTL’s high-resolution model for microscopic analysis. The S6 Micro’s zoom lens permits seamless switching between 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plate formats. Its advanced optics allow users to zoom in further for more precise detail. Even individual stained cells as small as 10 µm in diameter can be detected.

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CTL-ImmunoSpot® S6 Macro Analyzer

The versatile instrument for scanning the widest range of plate formats.  When it comes to scanning multiple plate formats, nothing beats the S6 Macro.  Its advanced optical design allows it to scan formats that range from 96-well plates to 100mm Petri dishes, and all formats in between (6-, 12-, and 24-well). When you need a versatile instrument that can analyze ELISPOT plates as well as many classical assays (bacterial, yeast, stem cell, and tumor colonies, as well as clonogenic and viral plaque assays), then the S6 Macro is the choice for you!

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