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Pooled PBMC for the Monocyte Activation Test

Pooled PBMC from equal numbers of healthy male and female donors.  All donors are prescreened, selected and processed per the European Pharmacopoeia guidelines - no NSAIDs administered for one week and no steroids for one month prior to aphaeresis.

Independent functionality tests have been performed to measure IL-6 responses to endotoxin, lipoteichoic acid and peptidoglycan by ELISA to ensure a high signal to background ratio.

Results can be viewed here: Please see the independently tested Certificate of Analysis

All processing media (CTL serum-free media) used during PBMC isolation and cryopreservation are tested for, and free of, pyrogens.

Pooled PBMC, 8 healthy donors:   ≥20 million cells per vial    Cat# CTL-PP8    $380.00/vial
Pooled PBMC, 4 healthy donors:   ≥10 million cells per vial    Cat# CTL-PP4    $200.00/vial


We recommend that your lab further validate the use of the pooled human PBMC for use in your assay system. Also refer to the FDA guidance on pyrogen and endotoxin testing.

Pricing is for US and Canada only and does not include shipping. All others, please contact the distributor in your region.

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