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B-Poly-S™ Polyclonal B Cell Activator

In B cell ELISPOT and FluoroSpot assays, four-day prestimulation cultures are recommended for most in vitro ASC measurements (CTL Human B-Poly-S™ and CTL Mouse B-Poly-S™), and seven days for human IgE (CTL Human B-Poly-SE™). Both CTL Human and Mouse B-Poly-S™ have been shown to provide optimal polyclonal stimulation of memory B cells.

The amount of CTL B-Poly-S™ provided is sufficient for stimulation of 320 million PBMC at 4 million cells/ml.

Concentration: CTL B-Poly-S™ (Human and Mouse) — 1,000x; CTL B-Poly-S™ (IgE) — 200x

Catalog #CTL-hBPOLYS-200, CTL-hBPOLYSE-200, CTL-mBPOLYS-200

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B-Poly-S™ Polyclonal B Cell ActivatorB-Poly-S™ Polyclonal B Cell ActivatorB-Poly-S™ Polyclonal B Cell ActivatorB-Poly-S™ Polyclonal B Cell Activator


CTL Human B-Poly-S™ (for stimulation of IgM, IgG, IgA), CTL Human B-Poly-SE™ (for stimulation of IgE), CTL Mouse B-Poly-S™

Both CTL Human B-Poly-S™ and CTL Mouse B-Poly-S™ are stock solutions containing Resiquimod and either recombinant Human IL-2 or recombinant Mouse IL-2 respectively, which are used for the polyclonal expansion of memory B cells. CTL Human B-Poly-SE™ is a stock solution containing recombinant Human IL-4 and anti-CD40 which is used for generating IgE secreting memory B cells.

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