To help science progress

  • By pioneering ELISPOT and elevating it to an exact science
  • By creating hardware and software solutions that enable objective, transparent, and documented ELISPOT analysis
  • By creating reagent solutions that standardize and expedite ELISPOT
  • By supporting clinical trials and scientific efforts in immune monitoring
  • By narrowing the gap between basic immunology and its application in health care


Cellular Technology Limited (CTL), headquartered in Cleveland, OH, is a global biotechnology company with locations and distributors worldwide. We are the pioneer and industry leader in the development, use, and manufacture of standardized tools for specializing in cellular immune assays including:

An extensive library of cryopreserved PBMC:

  • For the selection of individuals/groups with desired HLA-type and antigen-reactivity. Fully-functional, these cells are ideal as reference standards and for assay development, qualification, and validation.

Loss-free cryopreservation of clinical samples:

  • For trials, shipping, and storage.

T cell monitoring:

  • ELISPOT solutions to measure cytokine profiles or cytolytic activity at the highest sensitivity
  • ImmunoSpot® Analyzers for objective and fully-automated ELISPOT data analysis
  • ELISPOT Kits – Up to four-color
  • Reagents for standardized testing, including reference PBMC
  • Assay consultation and hands-on training
  • Nonclinical, preclinical and clinical contract laboratory services

B cell monitoring (in addition to the above), BioSpot® Analyzers for high-throughput antibody neutralization tests, including:

  • Focus Forming Assays
  • Immunostained Assays
  • Viral/Bacterial Neutralizations (SBA/OPA/OPK)
  • Lytic Plaque Analysis
  • Colony Counting (Visible and fluorescent MLA, AMES)

First in ELISPOT

Cellular Technology Limited (CTL) has been pioneering the transition of ELISPOT into the reliable, scientifically-validated, immune monitoring technique it is today. The cumulative expertise gained in this field is an integral part of the CTL ImmunoSpot® product line which we share with you here. View our extensive list of "firsts" and see what makes CTL the world leader in ELISPOT.

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