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For over twenty years, Cellular Technology Limited (CTL) has been on a mission to elevate ELISPOT to an exact science. The Cleveland-based company was among the first to establish instrumentation and software that helped to advance ELISPOT from a research tool available to a limited number of science labs to the automated high throughput technology for cell-mediated immunity monitoring in clinics.

We are proud to highlight our recent publication in Frontiers Immunology

We are proud to highlight our recent publication in Frontiers Immunology that demonstrates the suitability of ELISPOT for large-scale epitope mapping of T cell reactivity against a viral protein. Moreover, this work demonstrates how comprehensive antigen testing against all potential determinants is technically feasible, and further calls into question the usage of single proteins or peptides for reliable immune monitoring.

The SpotStat® software suite was developed for the statistical analysis of ELISPOT/FLUOROSPOT data in immune monitoring, vaccine testing, and other fields of immunological and medical research.

Our SpotStat® software suite implements a number of powerful parametric and non-parametric statistical methods for easy, streamlined analysis of data generated by the CTL ImmunoSpot® platform. The primary function of SpotStat® is to provide statistically-validated discrimination between antigen-induced responses and negative controls. SpotStat® was specifically designed to perform multiple comparison tests using a number of family-wise error correction methods, when multiple positive responses (e.g. peptide screening in T cell assays) are compared to a single negative control for the same subject (donor). SpotStat® also offers a set of “descriptive statistics” methods including three tests for data normality. These tests are performed on each entered set of data and allows users to choose between parametric or non-parametric methods for final data interpretation and decision-making. Results of all statistical tests are exported into Excel®, facilitating further data analysis and graphical outputs.

NEW - Our new Triple Color Mouse IFN-γ/TNF-α/IL-2 FluoroSpot – the first-ever commercially available 3-color kits for Mouse T cell assays.

The ImmunoSpot IFN-γ/TNF-α/IL-2 assay is the first-ever triple color mouse FluoroSpot

  • Detect cells secreting each cytokine individually or in combination(s) with accuracy comparable to single-color (single cytokine) analysis
  • Stimulated effector cells can be detected in frequencies as low as one in a million, allowing the enumeration of rare polyfunctional cells.

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